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Shipment & Return

Shipment Details

We will be doing our best for right-time delivery within the conditions and policies described below.

  • COVID-19 Shipping Update

We are diligently managing our delivery process to satisfy your expectations. Nevertheless, there may be unexpected delays in our delivery pipeline due to COVID-19 business guidelines. Please allow us 2-3 additional business day buffers on your order receipt. Thank you for your patience and deep understanding!

  • Cut-Off Time for Fulfillment 

We check our sales and proceed to warehouse pick-up and delivery at 9 am from Monday to Friday (except national holidays). Therefore, if your purchase is made after 9 am, your order handling begins the next weekday. 


Return Policy

All items are quality controlled and checked for any quality issues before they are dispatched and delivered to customers.

For the sake of safety and hygiene, all products in this store are not subject to exchanges, returns and refunds for non-quality problems.

If you have any questions about the terms of return and exchange, you are welcome to contact our customer service team by email: brazabrahk@gmail.com.

Braza HK reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of return and exchange without prior notice; if there is any dispute, Barza HK has the final decision.